Downloading items

You can download any of the Star Tower materials to your hard disc to use offline.
The files are in Zip (for Windows) and Stuffit (for Mac) format.

The Procedure


1. Create a "MAPE" folder on your hard disc.

2. Choose an item from the list below and click on its button.

3. Save the archive file.


4. Extract the files from the archives and save them in the "MAPE" folder.

5. Delete the archive file if you wish.

6. Open the new folder and run the index.htm file (either by double-clicking on it or dragging it into your browser).

Note 1 You must download the global folder as its contents are used by all the activities.
Note 2 Activities with an adult menu allow you to create your own files (DIY).


The Archives

Activity name



Folder name


This folder must be downloaded -> global.exe 51K global.sea 24K "global"    
Imagination dragon.exe 82K dragon.sea 54K "dragon"    
Scribblers scribblers.exe 231K scribblers.sea 203K "scribblers"    
Know Your World world.exe 289K world.sit 258K "world"    
Orderly Owl owl.exe 138K owl.sea 109K "owl"
Duck's Digits duck.exe 104K duck.sea 76K "duck"
Unit the Robot unit.exe 169K unit.sea 140K "unit"  
Sums Dispenser sums.exe 103K sums.sea 78K "sums"  
Word Drop worddrop.exe 87K worddrop.sea 62K "worddrop"
Star Punc starpunc.exe 85K starpunc.sea 59K "starpunc"
Magic Map maps.exe 231K maps.sea 202K "maps"  
* DIY :  Inside the resources folder of each item is an adult.htm file which will allow you to create your own files.

To make it easier for children to use the activities, add them to your Bookmarks or Favourites.