Word Drop
Word Drop
(the program)
Files Creator
(make your own files)
Menu Maker
(make a menu for your files)
Word Drop presents children with a text passage from which a number of words have been removed. The missing words are listed at the side. They are picked up by clicking on them, moved to the correct space, and then dropped by clicking again.

A positioned word can be picked up again and moved to a different location. If there is already a word there, the two are swapped. Words can be removed correctly by dropping them in the  Word Bin.

A 'check' button highlights correctly-placed words in green, and wrong ones in red.

There is a 'reward' when all the words have been placed in the correct spaces.

The order of the words in the list is random.

The Files Creator allows you to create your own files.

Œ œ

A special facility allowing you to use non-keyboard characters makes Word Drop ideal for creating exercises in languages other than English.